Tip: Quickly deselect cells from a selected range

Quickly deselect cells from a selected range

Save 5 minutes a day by using the "Select » Deselect cells..." tool: Quickly deselect cells from a selected range With: ASAP Utilities » Select » Deselect cells... You can quickly deselect cells from a selected range, something that is normally not possible in Excel. Do you recognize this? "If I select rows 1, 2, 6, 10 and 18 then ...

Tip: Quickly perform a calculation on all selected cells at once

Apply formula/calculation to selected cells

Save 5 minutes a day by using the "Apply formula/calculation to selected cells..." tool: Quickly apply a calculation to all selected cells at once With: ASAP Utilities » Formulas » Apply formula/calculation to selected cells... With this utility you can quickly perform a calculation on all selected cells at once. There are many situation in which we think this ...

New post series: save 5 more minutes a day

Hello everybody, We've scheduled a new series of posts/tutorials. Every week, on Tuesday, we'll give you a "tip of the week" to show you how to benefit from one of the tools in ASAP Utilities. By spending a minute a week to read it, we'll help you to save many hours of work. Since most people like to get ...

ASAP Utilities 4.8.6 is now available

*The new version 4.8.6 is now available*It fixes a bug in the "report formulas" tool from v4.8.5asap-utilities.com/download-asap-… twitter.com/ASAPUtilities/… — ASAP Utilities (@ASAPUtilities) October 3, 2012  

Just released: the new ASAP Utilities (4.8.5)

We're proud to officially announce the new version of ASAP Utilities! New time-saving tools have been added and several improvements have been made. Download | See what's new Many thanks to everyone who has contributed their feedback and tested the pre-release!

New version scheduled next week, stay tuned!


How to: Use ASAP Utilities to help with search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising campaigns in Excel

Excel is used by many people in the business of internet marketing (such as search engine marketing (SEM, SEO) or advertising campaigns (PPC)). They use Excel as an analysis and data-preparation tool to handle their keywords, descriptions, target urls, bids, results, etc.. And although Excel can already to a lot, there are many things that can ...

How to: Show more sheet-tabs in Excel

Show more sheet-tabs in Excel

When you work with a workbook that includes many sheets, you probably want to see as many of them as possible. One way to do this,  is by dragging the 'slider' from the horizontal scroll-bar to the right. That will decrease the size of the horizontal scroll-bar and give more space to show the sheet-tabs: Other tips to ...

Why we love Twitter + new pre-release available


The new pre-release of ASAP Utilities is now available: Pre-release version 4.8.1, April 2012 Oh, and we looooove Twitter and especially that people share their enthusiasm! Thank you!  

How to: Create a bulleted list in Excel

Insert a bullet list in MS Word

Unlike Word, Excel doesn't have a similar option to insert a bulleted list. However, you can easily create a similar list in Excel by using a so called "custom number format". That might sound a bit difficult but it really isn't. Just select the list and right-click on any cell in your selection: Then choose "Format Cells..." Now choose "Custom" ...