New post series: save 5 more minutes a day

Hello everybody,

We've scheduled a new series of posts/tutorials.
Every week, on Tuesday, we'll give you a "tip of the week" to show you how to benefit from one of the tools in ASAP Utilities.
By spending a minute a week to read it, we'll help you to save many hours of work.
Since most people like to get their work done quickly, we'll call it the "save 5 more minutes a day" series ;-)

On average ASAP Utilities saves people 25 hours each year (measured recently among 62.112 users).
Our job is to help you get the best out of ASAP Utilities. Experienced users already save more than 100 hours each year each.

So, "Just sit back and relax, while we show you how ASAP Utilities does the rest for you!"

Let's start: Quickly perform a calculation on all selected cells at once
Excel 2010 with ASAP Utilities