New version: 3 august 2006

A new version of ASAP Utilities is available: 4.0.2 (3 august 2006).
Major reason for this release is an added funtionality to the "Insert filename..." utility, overall accelerator keys (hotkeys) in the menu and a few bugfixes.

  • Fill » List filename...
    When creating a list of all filenames in a folder you can now choose whether you want to list the filename including its full path or just the filename (without its folder).
    list filenames
  • All menu-items now have accelerator keys
    An an accelerator key is a single character used as a shortcut for selecting the menu items. Pressing the ALT key, followed by the
    accelerator key gives focus to the menu-item (submenu) or executes the menu-command.
    The accelerator key is also called keyboard accelerator, shortcut key or keyboard shortcut. However they differ from the shortcuts you can use in the ASAP Utilities favorites menu. The shortcuts there give instant access to start the utility while the accelerator keys just provide a more convenient way to browse through the menu.
    All menu-items now have accelerator keys
  • a few small bugfixes and typing errors.

I have also updated the installer to tell it is not nescessary to uninstall ASAP Utilities before installing the new version. If you do so you will lose your saved settings. I've added an extra dialog into the installation process promoting the User Guide.

Thank you all for the feedback!



Where can I find a zipped-package of version 4.0.2. Or, can you send me it? Thank you.


Hi Bastien,

May you live 1000 years.

I repeat my comment posted for Version 4.0.
"I used the command “Display full path and filename in Title bar.” It worked perfectly. Then I used the “save as” command and saved the file with another name. But the filename in the titlebar remained the same whereas it should have changed to new filename.

Also if you use “Rename current file” )with full path and filename being displayed in the titlebar), then after renaming the full path and filename is not shown. Instead only the filename starts to appear as usual.

Hope I am quite clear !"

Kanwaljit Singh Dhunna
(Chartered Accountant)


Hello Pvav,

At this moment the new ASAP Utilities 4.0 is not available as a zipped-package. Within a few weeks a zipped-package will be available.

Hello Kanwaljit,
The "show full fillename" is at this moment not a dynamic setting. Perhaps in the future I will update it and make it possible as a permanent setting. For now you have to re-run it if you change the filename of the current file.

Kind regards,
Bastien Mensink


Hi, Bastien,

I just found this great software. But its latest version download seems broken. I cannot download via the links given. Can you help check?

Thanks again for this software!


Hy Bastien,

I have found a very interesting and annoying symptom in the new and older versions, too.

When I try to select some cells and convert them by the command "ASAP >Formula > Convert formula to their values", it seems, the selection is expanded for the whole worksheet, it appears a text "Now processing…" at the left bottom corner, and the process is very-very slow.

I have tried to convert a small part of my excel table (4 columns, alltogether 1192 cells, with Vlookup function, referring to another file).
It took 4 minutes and 46 second, and within this period the Excel seemed as a non-responding programme. After this period ASAP is ready, convertation is correct, and Excel continues to work normally.
If I make this convertation by the Excel's Special Paste > Values, it takes ca. 2 seconds, and everything is correct, too.

I think the command Convert formula to their values is very useful, but I cannot understand why is so slow.

Many thanks for this excellent software!