New version: September 20, 2006

A new version of ASAP Utilities is just released. You can download 4.0.4, September 20, 2006 from the main website:

Major reason for this release are a few bugfixes.

Thank you all for the feedback on the preview version.

Improved utilities

  • Delete leading and trailing spaces
    Cells with (array)formulas and errors will be skipped.
  • Delete leading, trailing and excessive spaces
    Cells with (array)formulas and errors will be skipped.
  • Numbers » Spell numbers or amounts (EN, DE, NL)...
    Your last used settings will be remembered.
    If you use rupees (Rs, IRs or NRs) the currency will be listed at the front.
    This will also affect the worksheet function =ASAPSpellNumber()
    For example:
    =asapspellnumber(2450.25,"EN","TRUE","Rs","Rs",,"Paisa","Paisa Only")
    would produce
    "Two Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Rs and Twenty Five Paisa"
    but wil now produce:
    "Rs Two Thousand Four Hundred Fifty and Twenty Five Paisa"
  • General
    I have changed the hotkey (accelerator) for the ASAP Utilities in the menu.
    By default this is the letter A (so you can access the ASAP Utilities menu with Alt+A.) However in some countries this conflicts with other menu items (such as &Ansicht as German for Menu). Therefore, in the following countries the hotkey is the letter S:
    . Germany (new)
    . The Netherlands
    . Sweden
    . Spain
    . Brazil
    . Portugal
  • Fill » Insert before / after
    Your last used settings will be remembered.

Bug fixes

  • Text » delete leading / ending characters
    In version 4.0.3 I excluded numbers from being altered by this version.
    That has now been undone, making this utility work on numeric data too.
    I thought excluding numbers was a better approach but apparently a lot of people use this utility to edit numbers too.
  • Import » Merge files...
    Produced an error if you had previously used the utility on files in a folder and this folder was no longer available. This is now fixed
  • Fill » Insert before / after...
    When you apply this utility to numbers ASAP Utililities will no longer convert these numbers to "textnumbers" by adding an apostrophe in front. The insert before/after on formulas has been improved too so that your formulas will stay formulas. You can now for example change a formula from =12*B4 to =12*B4+SUM(A1:A10)
  • Export » HTML Export...
    In april 2006 I've changed the NOBR setting in the HTML output from <nobr> in each cell to a stylesheet setting for each row: style="white-space : nowrap;". However I found out this doesn't work as good as the old-school <nobr> tag so
    I reversed this change and added the <nobr> again.

Thank you all for the feedback!



Hi Bastien,

May you live 1000 years. Please help regarding following. I have two identical workbooks containing 3 sheets each (Each sheet named A,B,C on both the workbooks), but relating to different departments. I want the data of these workbooks to be merged (in a new workbook) in such a way that sheet A of Ist Wokbook gets merged with Sheet A of 2nd Workbook and so on. Whether there is any utility in Asap-Utilities to do this.



Hello Bastien,
I am not sure if it is a bug, but when I select some cells, then I select additional cells and I choose “Set current selection to all worksheets“ it produce an error.


Hello Many,

This is indeed a bug. At this moment you can only use a contiguous ranges of cells.

Helloi kanwaljit,
There is not a special utility in ASAP Utilities that will do this. Perhaps you can use a combination of the "Import > Merge files" utility and the merge columns/rows utilty, however I do beleive in this case the quickest way is to do it by hand.

Kind regards,
Bastien Mensink


Thanks Bastien,

But do add it to yours wish list. It would be very handy.


Eduardo Orozco

No te conozco, pero quiero decierte ¡¡muchas gracias por este excelente programa ASAP Utilities!!! Eres un genio del Exccel, Filicidades y nuevamente gracias
Eduardo Orozco Najera