Pre-release ASAP Utilities version 4.1.3 RC4

Yesterday I have published a new pre-release of the new version of ASAP Utilities. It is ready for download and testing.

Two new utilities

  • Sheets » Freeze panes on multiple sheets at once
    Freeze panes on all or all selected sheets at once bases on your current selection.
    Normally in Excel you can only do this one one sheet at a time. With this utility you can now for example freeze the first row on all sheets at once.
  • Sheets » Unfreeze panes on multiple sheets at once
    Unfreeze panes on all or all selected sheets at once.
    Freeze panes on multiple sheets at once

Bug fixes:

  • Improved worksheet fuctions
    If you work with more than 2 decimals the utility wasn't 100% accurate after the fifth decimal of the result. This is corrected in this version.
    These functions can now use a cell-address to specify the color in stead of only using the colorindex.
    So for example if you have a range of cells with 10 green cells you want to sum you can use the formula either as
    or if cell D4 contains the color you can use:
    Count or sum cells based on their color


Download via the ASAP Utilities FAQ


The ribbon is a whole new experience for me. Please let me know what you think of the new ASAP Utilities menu.