Rename ASAP Utilities directory

Yestday Graham (UK) asked me the following question:

Dear Bastien,

I tried to re-name the ASAP directory to avoid getting it confused with another directory used by Windows XP.
I re-installed your program to another directory but now find Excel still looks for the old directory.

How do I prevent Excel from looking for a now non-existent directory?

Many thanks for a good program.

To solve this I emailed him to do the the following which work perfectly if you want to change the location of you ASAP Utilities installation:

  1. When you now start Excel you get the error. Just click okay, and in the menu goto Tools » Add-ins.
  2. Uncheck the box thex to ASAP Utilities. Excel askes you to remove ASAP from the list, answer yes.
  3. Now close Excel and restart, we're going the add ASAP again, from the new location:
  4. On the tools menu, choose Add-Ins.
  5. Use the "Browse..." button to locate the ASAP Utilities.xla file (in the new folder)
  6. If Excel askes you to copy the file to the library folder, answer "no".
  7. Check the "ASAP Utilities" checkbox.
  8. ASAP Utilities is now available again. Have fun!