Tip: Quickly save worksheets as separate files

Save 5 minutes a day by using ASAP Utilities to quickly save the worksheets in your workbook as separate files.

"How can I save my sheets as separate files?"

"I have an Excel file with many worksheets. We need to export each worksheet to a separate file. Ideally the file name would be the worksheet's name. Is this possible? Using the 'save as' option on the File menu, I have to save each worksheet manually."

Fortunately we've got a tool in ASAP Utilities that automatically does this for you.
Just use:
ASAP Utilities » Export » Export worksheets as separate files...

Save worksheets as individual files

Do you recognize any of these situations?

  • I have a worksheet with a large number of sheets. I need each of these sheets saved as separate files. Is this possible either via Excel or with some additional software?
  • I have a file which contains many worksheets. Each worksheet contains personal information and is named after that person. In order to send the person the confidential information, I need to strip the workbook from all the other sheets and name the workbook (with one sheet left) after that person. Without a macro I have to do this many times (unfortunately!).
    So my question is whether anybody knows about a macro that is able to split up a workbook with x sheets in x files and giving that file the name of that particular worksheet?
  • The sheets that I'm copying to save as a new file, have cells that contain more than 255 characters. When I copy the sheet, only the first 255 characters in each cell are copied. How can I get all information copied, I need to do this for 16 sheets.
  • I would like to use a macro to split a workbook with many tabs into separate workbooks (one workbook for each tab) with a name of the tab as the file name of the new workbook. It would be great if the links to external files would be broken before splitting the workbook.

Just use:
ASAP Utilities » Export » Export worksheets as separate files...
(This tool was recently updated in the new version 5 of ASAP Utilities)

This much quicker than manually copying the sheets to a new workbook and then saving each.
Furthermore ASAP Utilities offers to skip hidden rows and columns (for example if you have a filtered list) and automatically takes care or pasting values or formulas, and doesn't have the 255-characters in cell limitation.

Bonus tips, also interesting

How much time will it save?

It's guaranteed that you'll save yourself time and effort by using this tool. However, the actual time saved depends on how much you use Excel, the amount of data you are working with and how often you use this particular tool.
You can easily see how much time ASAP Utilities has saved you so far.


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