User question: How to enter the same value on multiple sheets (or in multiple cells at once)

Press control+enter to enter the same value in all selected cellsToday we received the following email:

Let me start by saying how wonderful I think your program is. It saves me a lot of time.
I just created 100 sheets and named them from a list using ASAP -great!
I then inserted the name of each sheet into a cell within the sheet using ASAP -fantastic!

Here's my problem:
In sheet one, I'd like to enter a formula in A2 and be able to copy it to A2 in the other 99 sheets. Can ASAP help me with this?
I'd also like to be able to do this with a value in A3.

Well, this can already be done with just Excel.

If you want to enter the same formula on all 100 sheets, just select all the sheets and then enter the formula in A2... However, instead of pressing Enter at the end, press Control+Enter at the end. That way the formula will be entered in all selected cells, also the same cell-address on the other selected sheets.
You can also use this Ctrl+Enter to enter the same value in all selected cells on the same sheet.

In case you're curious, the user used the following two tools to quickly create all the sheets:
Insert multiple sheets (uses the cell values as sheet names)...
Insert sheet(s) name in selected cell(s)