Fixed the statup delay in Windows XP + Excel 2007 when opening a file through the Windows Explorer

The latest version of ASAP Utilities (pre-released today) will solve an issue that can appear when you have both Windows XP and Excel 2007 installed.

"After installing the latest version of ASAP-Utilities after upgrading to Office 2007, I began to encounter a problem with Excel 2007 where, upon clicking on an Excel file to open, the main window would open in Excel it would be blank, but upon doing some action, like minimizing it, the actual file would then display properly."

I solved the problem, although I still think it is a bit peculiar.

I develop ASAP Utilities in Excel 2002/XP (Developer edition). After intensive testing I found out that the only simple solution, to solve the delay problem, was to open the file "ASAP Utilities.xla" in Excel 2007 and save it back in Excel 2000-2003 format (what it already was...). I have tested the result and then the delay is gone.

The strangest thing to me is that the problem only occurs in Windows XP with Excel 2007. In Windows Vista the problem does not occur.



"ASAP Utilities.xla" does not exisit on our drives, do you have any other suggestions for this issue?

Thank you…


Hello Aaron,

Yes, the possible solutions are provided in a previous post:

Kind regards,