How to: Use ASAP Utilities to help with search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising campaigns in Excel

Excel is used by many people in the business of internet marketing (such as search engine marketing (SEM, SEO) or advertising campaigns (PPC)). They use Excel as an analysis and data-preparation tool to handle their keywords, descriptions, target urls, bids, results, etc..
And although Excel can already to a lot, there are many things that can be done easier and faster with the help of tools such as ASAP Utilities.
The following blogs demonstrate how you can benefit from ASAP Utilities:

The SEM Blog: ASAP Utilities: One Tool to Rule Them All

As a senior production manager at PPC Associates, I spend a great deal of my day working in Microsoft Excel, whether that be manipulating data for reporting or prepping an upload sheet to load into AdWords Editor (Google AdWords’ offline editing program). When you’re dealing with thousands of rows of data that needs to be formatted for a client or uploaded into an account, accuracy and efficiency become vital.

In Excel, there are literally thousands of tools, formulas and shortcuts that can be used to your advantage when managing your PPC campaigns. However, within Excel, ASAP Utilities, is an add-in that works as a supplement to your preexisting tools and formulas and can enhance your Excel capabilities. Here are some of the ASAP Utilities’ most helpful tools for managing your AdWords data:

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Kahena: My Top 11 Tools and Plug-ins Essential for Daily SEO Tasks

Kahena Digital MarketingI never appreciated how ASAP utilities has made using Excel more productive and efficient for me. I highly recommend exploring everything it has to offer, and there are so many available utilities I have yet to use. The rest of the list is my favorite 5. The majority of these are available using basic Excel, but ASAP brings them in one click instead of the various formulas that take a few steps to remember and implement.

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Search Engine Journal: ASAP Utilities – SEO and Productivity Addin for Excel

Search Engine JournalI’ve said it many times and I’ll say this again: Excel if the ultimate SEO tool that can help you in any task (if you know how to use it right). I have already shared the huge collection of Excel tips and tricks for SEOs and web marketers – that post helped me to discover another awesome tool I was hugely impressed by: ASAP Utilities.
Below I am sharing the most useful (for me) options I have found inside.
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