How to delete duplicates and leave one of them

remove duplicate rows

Just got a question from Scott: I absolutely love this program. My main reason for using this program is finding duplicate serial numbers in a list of 12,000 without having insert a conditional formula every time. I see you can select, hide, or delete all the duplicates but is there anyway to delete the duplicates […]

Some other numbers on Excel 12

Last monday David Gainer from Microsoft has posted more details on Excel 12 on his weblog. Much of the new expanded limits have to do with the new grid. Personally I really like the new grid. More rows and more columns allow you to import more data for analysis.

Roam Magazine presents the essential add-in for all Excel users

Roam Magazine

Yesterday I got an email from Peter from New Zealand: "Great utility - I got it from the Roam magazine CD. Thanks". This made me curious cause I didn' t know about the article (although the publisher should have contact me first). So I asked Peter to send me scanned copy of the article, which […]

ASAP Utilities in Russian edition of PC Magazine

"This expansion module is required for all users."

Yesterday I discovered ASAP Utilities is mentioned in the Russian edition of PC Magazine on September 15, 2005: I don't read Russian but I believe it's the same article that has been published by PC Magazine in its 2005 Ultimate Utility Guide. Russian to English translation by Google Translate: Microsoft Excel There are hundreds of […]

Official Excel 12 blog: more rows and columns in Excel 12

Today David Gainer, Group Program Manager for Microsoft Excel has started an official Excel blog. Until the public release of Excel 12 (medio 2006 probably) he will publish about new stuff in Excel 12. Well the first news he posts is great, more rows and columns! (like Quattro Pro has for years). From his site: […]


Hello world! This blog will be use to post frequently about Excel tools and provide code snipplets. As the author of ASAP Utilities I get a lot of questions by email. Most questions are the same and repeated over and over again. I'll use this blog to answer to the most general Excel questions including […]

Extract hyperlinks

A few weeks ago I got a question about hyperlinks. A list of soccer clubs was kept in Excel (4000+). Some of them had a hyperlink some didn't. How to see this quickly? A possible solution is to show them in different colors: Private Sub ColorHyperlinks()  ' color cells with hyperlinks  Dim rngCel                                 As Range  Application.ScreenUpdating = False  For […]

Sum by cell color

Last week I got a question from Mike: Bastien, Thank you for writing ASAP Utilities. It has saved me countless hours in Excel time and has given me capabilities that I wouldn't otherwise have. I wanted to ask for some help. I noticed that in the user-defined functions for ASAP Utilities there is a function […]

Method 'Add' of object 'CommandbarControls' failed

Recently a few people reported an error when they start Excel with ASAP Utilities. In some cases it's been working okay for years and then suddenly this error popped-up. It could be caused by an old version of ASAP Utilities when the location of the favorites menu could not be found or was not properly […]