ASAP Utilities and the Apple Macintosh or OpenOffice

Lately I recieve a lot of email from people asking me if there is a Mac version of ASAP Utilities.
Currently ASAP Utilities will only work on Windows Excel versions. Excel for Windows and Excel for Mac differ a bit.
My apologies, perhaps in the future when I have a Mac myself and know how that works, I will make ASAP Utilities compatible with the Macintosh platform.

I´ve also received numerous emails asking if there is a version for OpenOffice´s spreadsheet CALC.
ASAP Utilities wil not work in OpenOffice. ASAP Utilities is written in VBA, the programming language for MS Excel. OpenOffice does not yet support VBA (limited they say, but I've tested version 2.0 and it didn't recognize any basic macros). At this moment Calc differs to much from Excel to create a ASAP Utilities for Calc.

2 Responses to “ASAP Utilities and the Apple Macintosh or OpenOffice”

  1. Howdy. I use your ASAP Utility regularly at work. However at home, I use Mac OS X (Panther)a nd XL 2004. It would be great to see an ASAP Utilities that could work on the Macs!!

    Thanks for a great product.

  2. Hi – Mac user here. I also do moderate-level VBA for work on Windows platform. Would any of the code be compatible at a script level? I suspect a few of the folks who use both platforms would volunteer some time to test on the Mac if we had access to the raw script.