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Is ASAP Utilities also available for Calc? (OpenOffice / LibreOffice)

Published: September 8, 2006 (latest revision March 27, 2023)
reference id: QA0106

ASAP Utilities does not work with the spreadsheet program Calc (included with OpenOffice or LibreOffice).

ASAP Utilities is written in VBA, the programming language for MS Excel. OpenOffice/Libre Office does not yet support VBA (limited they say, but we've tested versions 3 and 4 and it didn't recognize any basic macros). At this moment Calc differs to much from Excel to create a ASAP Utilities for Calc. We would have to rewrite the entire program, and that takes way too much time (too learn Calc, learn the new programming language, and to rewrite all the tools).



Extensions (Add-ins) for Calc



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