User question: How to send this sheet to an e-mail in Excel 2010?

Sent this Sheet

"Hi Bastien, I am a great admirer of you ASAP-utilities. Great work. I have a little problem with Excel 2010, that I am hoping that you might have a solution to. We have just switched over to the excel-2010 from excel-2003. In the 2003 there was a button to send this sheet to an e-mail. […]

User question: How to delete cells based on content

Select cells based on content, formatting and more...

"Hi! I couldn't find the following function in ASAP Utilities: Delete cells based on content. Ex.: I would like to delete all cells (content) which is less than 3, greater than 100…. Would be nice when working with statistics." Well, you can already do this in ASAP Utilities, but with an additional step. First you […]

User question: How to enter the same value on multiple sheets (or in multiple cells at once)

Press control+enter to enter the same value in all selected cells

Today we received the following email: Let me start by saying how wonderful I think your program is. It saves me a lot of time. I just created 100 sheets and named them from a list using ASAP -great! I then inserted the name of each sheet into a cell within the sheet using ASAP […]

How to: Change the shortcuts used by ASAP Utilities

Every now and then people ask us if it is possible to change the shortcuts that are used by ASAP Utilities. For example: "Hello, is it possible to change the Ctrl + Alt + J shortcut to something else?" Often because people already use the same shortcut for their own macro. Well, you can already […]