New version: August 29, 2006

A new version of ASAP Utilities is available: 4.0.3 (August 29, 2006). Major reason for this release are a few bugfixes, two new worksheet functions and an expanded description of the utilities. New worksheet function: =ASAPExtractNumbers(ref) This function extracts the numbers from a given range or value. New worksheet function: =ASAPStripNumbers(ref) This function strips the […]

ASAP Utilities has a new website and a logo

ASAP Utilties new logo

ASAP Utilities has a new website and a logo. The previous website has been used from 2001 until august 2006. We are really enthusiastic about the new website. And we hope you are as excited about the new look of the ASAP Utilities website as we are. About new logo After thinking for a long time […]

Problems after a recent Microsoft upgrade?

After installing a recent Microsoft upgrade a few people have been unable to use the ASAP Utilities. This is because somehow Excel has put ASAP Utilities on the "disabled items" list. To solve this to: "Help" > "About" in the Excel menu. Then click on the disabled items button and when ASAP Utilities is listed […]

New version: 3 august 2006

list filenames

A new version of ASAP Utilities is available: 4.0.2 (3 august 2006). Major reason for this release is an added funtionality to the "Insert filename..." utility, overall accelerator keys (hotkeys) in the menu and a few bugfixes. Fill » List filename... When creating a list of all filenames in a folder you can now choose […]

New version: 31 july 2006

A new version of ASAP Utilities is available: 4.0.1 (31 july 2006). I have also updated the User Guide. Major reason for this release is a few bugfixes. New worksheet formula: =ASAPSheetName() Returns the name of the sheet the formula is placed on. System » Rename current file If you specified a filename of a […]

New version: 29 june 2006 – end of beta!

A new version of ASAP Utilities is available: 4.0.0 (29 june 2006). Major reasons for this release were a few bugs that have been reported the past week. I've also use the opportunity to remove the beta status. I have not officially released this new version on the main ASAP Utilities website. However I do […]

New version: 22 june 2006

A new beta version of ASAP Utilities is available: 3.11.ab beta (22 june 2006). Major reason for this release were problems in combination with Excel 2000. The merge files or import Excel file made Excel 2000 produce errors or crash. I have created a workaround for this. (the command makes Excel 2000 crash if […]

New version: 21 june 2006

A new beta version of ASAP Utilities is available: 3.11.aa beta (21 june 2006). Last week version 3.11.z was silently released. I updated the download page but couldn't find the time to write a post about it. So here are the major changes in comparison to version 3.11.y in the new 3.11.aa. These are the […]

Comments are open again

I'm back from a few days of mountainbiking in the Dutch Mountains (hills...). Comments are no longer held for moderation, unless the spam filter holds them. The past days 184 spam-comments have been placed. If I have some spare hours I will update the comment-module with better spam-protection. WordPress already has some nice tools: […]

Comments held for moderation

The ASAP Utilties blog is getting a lot of comment-spam. The next couple of days I will not be able to remove the comments that slip through the spam filter. Therefore all comments the next days are held for moderation. If you place a comment, pleace take notice that it will take a few days […]

New version: 30 may 2006

Text » Replace accented vowels

A new beta version of ASAP Utilities is available: 3.11.y beta (30 may 2006). These are the major changes: Change decimals (not formatting, but changing) has been renamed to Round numbers (not formatting, but changing) HTML export <strike> is added for text that is formatted as strikethrough. Range » Empty duplicates on selection. Now works […]

Favorite project

After spending many weeks programming in PHP/MySQL for two projects with a very tight deadline and some small Excel projects, I've found the time to work on my favorite project again. I'm working my way through all the comments and recommendations I received the past month. Some of them are bug reports, spelling corrections, tips […]

New version: 6 april 2006

A new beta version of ASAP Utilities is available: 3.11.x beta (6 april 2006). In this version a bug in the protect all sheets has been fixed regarding the option to enable/disable the selection of unlocked cells. Furthermore the following is changed/added: Text » Advanced character removal Besides removing the characters you can now also […]

New version: 4 april 2006

protection: enable the selection of (un)locked cells

A new beta version of ASAP Utilities is available: 3.11.w beta (4 april 2006). In this version a few bugs in the protect/unprotect all sheets have been fixed. Furthermore the protection in Excel XP/2002/2003 that enables you to select (un)locked cells (or not) has now been implemented too.

Toggle fullscreen with F11

This evening I needed to create a flowchart. Excel is my favorite application to do this. However the screenresolution on my notebook is a bit less then my computer at work, so I wondered how I could view my information better. Of course you can set the zoom to less then 100% but then I […]

New version: 3 april 2006

A new beta version of ASAP Utilities is avialable: 3.11.v beta (3 april 2006). In this version the HTML export is improved. The generated HTML code is better and the speed of the utility is much faster now, especially when you export a table with more than 500 individual cells. This is because we used […]

From beta to final version?

Today I have released a new beta version, 3.11.u (30 march 2006). The major change here is the new improved progress indicators. Furthermore I have fixed a bug in the "Unprotect sheets" functions. (popup for password if it didn't match). Please let me know if you think this version good enhough to become the official […]

New progress indicators

old progress indicator

Something that has bothered me a long time is the way the progress of the utilities in ASAP Utilities is indicated. In most cases I used the statusbar to do this but I found out not everybody always sees that. In the new beta version I published today (3.11.t beta) I have used a new […]

ASAP Utilities 3.11 beta 28 march released

advanced sorting

Today I have released version 3.11.t beta 28 march 2006. This new version contains some bugfixed (Export sheets as separate files in Excel 2000) and has an improved progress indicator. Furthermore the advanced sorting capabilities have been expanded. You can now sort dates directly by: . Year-Month-Day . Year-Day-Month . Month-Day-Year . Month-Year-Day . Day-Year-Month […]


I have received an enormous amount of emails with comments, suggestions and big thank-you's. A new version is always a good moment of people for contacting me. This morning I published version 3.10c. I'm also nearly finished with a new beta 3.11. Stay tuned...

ASAP Utilities 3.10b released today

Update: version 3.10c is released, I changed the download link in this post. ASAP Utilities released its new version (3.10b) today! We make you the company's excel guru! ASAP Utilities is a free and easy to use Add-In for MS Excel 97, 2000, 2002, XP and 2003. The utility contains over 300 functions to make […]

Practice makes perfect

A lot op people are currently testing the new beta version and are giving me some good feedback. An updated beta version will be posted here this weekend.

Happy New Year!

I wish you all a wonderfull new year with lots of health, happyness and prosperity! We've planned several new exiting tools and improved functions to ASAP Utilities in 2006. A new version will be released in a few weeks!

How to copy addresses from Excel to your new years email-message

Yesterday a friend of mine called. He had a list of contacts he kept in Excel and he wanted to send out a new years letter to all of them. He knew he needed to use the BCC field to do this (to hide everyone's address for the others) but he didn't know an easy […]

Productivity Portfolio: ASAP Utilities Provides Excel Users Power and Flexibility

Productivity Portfolio ...linking technology and productivity for Windows users

I'm proud to mention ASAP Utilities has been reviewed by Productivity Portfolio. A website about productivity and how to use certain tools. ASAP Utilities Provides Excel Users Power and Flexibility Excel is one of the pillars of Microsoft Office. Despite being feature-rich, there are some tasks that are either cumbersome to perform or are buried […]

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