Tip: Easily change the text in selected cells to UPPERCASE

Save 5 minutes a day by using ASAP Utilities to quickly change your text to uppercase.

"How to quickly capitalize all text"

Have you ever had data in a worksheet where all the text was all lowercase? Then you had to retype it all to get it into uppercase? No more!

Just select the cells and then start:
ASAP Utilities » Text » Change to UPPERcase

Easily make the text all in uppercase

Do you recognize any of these situations?

  • How can I select all cells or group of cells and make all of the text capital letters?
  • How do I capitalize letters in excel? I've got columns of names and addresses - some are in lower and some in upper form - how do I change from lower to upper -meaning how do i capitalize these letters? Thanks
  • I have copy and pasted text from different documents to create one. Some are upper case and some are not. I would like to capitalize all of it.
  • How can I format the cells to capitalize ALL letters in a word?
  • I generated a large spreadsheet and now for legal reasons all the data has to be in Upper case. Is there a quick way to convert all the text?

Just select the cells and then use the following tool:
ASAP Utilities » Text » Change to UPPERcase

This a quicker alternative than using a combination of temporary columns, Excel's =UPPER() function and Copy > Paste Special > Values .

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