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If you can't find the answer on our website then please contact us.

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If you have a question or experience a problem with ASAP Utilities then please verify if there is already an answer to your question or solution for you problem in our list of frequently answered questions.

Bug report

If you have found a bug then first make sure you are using the most recent version. If that is the case then visit our bug-report section and get in contact so that we can fix it.

The author

A short story about the author, his background/education, work and passions and how he started creating ASAP Utilities in 1998

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The ASAP Utilities User Guide is a practical manual that will show you how to get the best out of this excel add-in

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We love to hear your opinion and comments or suggestions. Please get in touch.
This helps us to make ASAP Utilities a better product every time.

We prefer contact by email

Due to the international nature of ASAP Utilities with different languages and time zones we prefer contact by email. We communicate in English and Dutch (native language)
Address: A Must in Every Office BV
Emmawijk 1
8011 CM  Zwolle
The Netherlands
Website: www.amustineveryoffice.com
Contact person: Bastien Mensink View Bastien Mensink's LinkedIn profile
Phone: +31 68 154 28 55
Email: bastien@asap-utilities.com
Support: support@asap-utilities.com
Our local time: 4:19 AM, Tuesday, February 20, 2018 World Clock
Bug report: If you find any errors in ASAP Utilities then please get in touch. Bug report guidelines
Chamber of Commerce: Zwolle 05083992
VAT number: NL.8175.13.954.B01
Social: Twitter.com/ASAPUtilities

Priority support for customers

If you are a registered customer then please include your order number, for a fast-track (priority) response.
You'll find your order number the email you received after the purchase. You can also find your order details in the Excel menu: ASAP Utilities » Registered version.

Need a quote?

If you need a quote then please contact us (see above).
You can also find detailed pricing information on our purchase page.

24/7 Customer Service Center for ordering related questions

Logo RegNow/MyCommerceFor questions regarding your order(status) or if you need help with the ordering system then please contact our e-commerce partner RegNow/MyCommerce directly.
Contact the 24/7 Customer Service Center:

All orders/payments are handled by our e-commerce partner RegNow/MyCommerce, partially to offer several payment methods worldwide and to reduce the risk of fraud but even more because it reduces the (VAT) administration and thus we can spend more time on the development and support of ASAP Utilities.
If you have any questions regarding ASAP Utilities itself then please contact us.

Keep your question ASAP Utilities related

We are willing to help you, but we do not answer general Excel questions. We simply don't have the time to.
On our website we have several links to other websites where you most likely will find the answer or can ask the question.
Excel is being used by millions of people for more than two decades. Keep in mind that most likely you are not the first one facing the problem you are facing. On the internet there are newsgroups where people share their problems and solutions. You can search the Excel newsgroups:
If you want to post a question I recommend you to read the following page, "Hints and tips for new posters to the Excel newsgroups (by Chip Pearson)":

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