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ASAP Utilities Options » New tools in development (English only)

New tools that are currently in development. These tools are available in English because they are still in development.

Bulk replace: replace multiple values at once

You can specify a range with the values to search for and replace, which allows you to do many replacements automatically after each other. The target can be a certain range, your current worksheet, all selected worksheets, or even an entire workbook (that is open in Excel). At this moment the search/replace is done in cell values and hyperlinks. We're working on more items to search/replace in, such as formulas, comments, header/footer, textboxes, etc.
We think this tool can be a huge time saver. Please let me know what you think of it and if we're missing something.

Change conditional formatting to static formatting

This tool will change the conditional formatting in selected cells to static formatting.
Settings of font, color and borders will be applied. Data Bars and Icon Sets cannot be made static with this tool.
This specific tool only works with Excel 2000, 2000/XP, 2003 and 2010 (This tool does not work with Excel 2007).

Change text case (with options)

In addition to the existing change-case tools, this utility allows exceptions, such as certain abbreviations.
You can change text in selected cells to:
  • lowercase
  • tOGGLE cASE (reverse upper- and lowercase)
  • Sentence case (First word of each sentence in your cell(s) in uppercase. Works also for cells with multiple sentences)
  • Title Case (Start Each Word With Uppercase)
          ·  Optionally choose to start the first letter with uppercase and transfer the rest of the word to lowercase
          ·  You can choose the characters that (in addition to a space) indicate that a new word starts, such as for example ('"[<-
    In combination with the above options, you can choose to:
  • Preserver all capitalized text (useful in converting glossaries with acronyms)
  • Preserve a list of words that won't be changed, such as for example "3D, B.V., CD, EN, ES, EUR, FBI, FR, HP, iPad, NL, USD" etc.

    Count and color unique duplicate values

    Count and color the duplicate values in your selection where each set of duplications gets its own color.
    (As long as there are enough distinct colors available to see the difference. If there are too many sets of duplicates then you will be notified).

    Insert a space before Capital Letters (e.g. 'BigBearLake' > 'Big Bear Lake')

    This will put a space in front of Captital letters in the text in your selected cells.
    For example "NewYork" becomes "New York".
    This tool is smart enough to detect when a space should be inserted and when not.
    A space is only inserted before uppercase characters when it is not already preceded by a space and also when it is not preceded by any of the following characters: - " ' ( | = ` [ { < ô Ĺ

    Manage duplicated records

    With this utility you can easily remove the duplicated records from your sheet.
    You can also have it remove records from your sheet that already exist on another sheet, which can for example be useful if you are working with mailing lists.

    Put all data from the worksheet into one single column

    Put all the data in the columns on your worksheet below each other in column A.

    Refresh all external data ranges and PivotTable reports

    Refreshes all pivot tables and external data ranges in your entire workbook.

    Report pivot table(s) information

    Creates a report in a new workbook with information about the pivot tables in your workbook.
    The report shows the following information: Sheet, Data Source, Name, DataBodyRange, DataLabelRange, RowRange, ColumnRange, TableRange1, TableRange2, Date last refreshed, Refreshed by, RefreshOnFileOpen, Fields in source, Record in source, Fields shown, SourceType, SourceDataFile, Connection, CommandText.

    Show indented structure of formula in current cell

    This is useful when you have a nested formula. It shows the indented structure of your formula. This way you can more easily see if the brackets are placed properly. You can also edit the formula.

    Show or hide formatting marks in selected cells

    With this tool you can make spaces, tabs and linebreaks visible. This can be useful because sometimes characters such as these mess up your lookup formulas.
    The following characters are used to show these characters:
    Ľ = space
    Č = tab         
    Â = line breaks
    This tool changes your data when you choose "Show" but you can quickly switch back to the original when you choose "Hide". Basically the method is quite simple. It replaces spaces, tabs and line-breaks with a unique character. Then the "Hide" option changes these special characters back to spaces, tabs or linebreaks again.
    Unfortunately it is not possible to make it work without changing the values like  the hide/show formatting marks in MS Word. However we think that this tool is a useful alternative.

    Sort each column in selection individually ascending (top to bottom)

    Sort each row in selection individually ascending (left to right)

    Subscript the numbers in chemical equations

    This utility will subscript the numbers in chemical notations such as Al(OH)3, AlF6Li3, AlO2, Al(NO3)3, Au2(SeO4)3, Ca(VO4)2, H6TeO6, KAlMg3Si3O12H2, Ca(NO3)2 Ě 4H2O, etc.
    It automatically detects which numbers should be subscripted.

    Transform table into 3 column matrix (reverse pivot table)

    Transform a table into a 3 column table that you can easily use as a source for for example a pivot table.

    Ungroup all grouped columns in the selected worksheets

    Ungroup all grouped rows in the selected wo



    Example screenshot: 1 New tools in development
    1 New tools in development
    Example screenshot: 2
    2, ASAP Utilities Options » New tools in development (English only)
    Example screenshot: 3
    3, ASAP Utilities Options » New tools in development (English only)
    Example screenshot: 4 Count and color unique duplicate values
    4 Count and color unique duplicate values
    Example screenshot: 5 Insert a space before Capital Letters
    5 Insert a space before Capital Letters

    Starting this utility

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