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Export » Export selection or active sheet as new file...

With this utility you can save your selected data range or the entire worksheet as a new file.
You can choose not to include hidden cells in your export.

The data can be exported in the following file formats:
  • Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls)
  • Excel Workbook (*.xlsx) (only available if you have Excel 2007 or later)
  • Excel Binary Workbook (*.xlsb) (only available if you have Excel 2007 or later)
  • Formatted text (space delimited)
  • Tab delimited text file
  • Tab delimited unicode text file
  • CSV (comma separated value or custom separated)
  • CSV unicode, UTF-16LE / UTF-8 (comma separated value or custom separated)
  • dBASE IV (only with Excel 2000, 2002/XP and 2003)
    You can also use the CSV option to create your own custom separated file by setting your own field separator, field encloser and decimal separator. This way you can for example create pipe (|) delimited text files.

    You can also choose to copy the information directly to your clipboard in the following formats:
  • tab delimited
  • space delimited

    You can choose to export the contents of the cells as:
  • Values (for example 12)
  • Formulas (for example =3*E6)
  • As displayed (for example EUR 12,00)

    Your last used settings will be remembered.

    In Excel 2007 and later the export to dBASE will not work; Microsoft has removed the option to save files in dBASE format from this Excel version and ASAP Utilities needs this built-in functionality from Excel.


    Export » Export selection or active sheet as new file...

    Starting this utility

    In the Excel menu choose: ASAP Utilities » Export » Export selection or active sheet as new file...

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    Create a list of filenames and properties in a folder...
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    Additional keywords for this tool:
    save, flat table, tsv, txt, xls, dbf, textfile, option to save only the filtered results

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