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Extra worksheet functions that come with ASAP Utilities.

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Manual installation

Perform a part of the installation manually.


How to temporary or permanently uninstall ASAP Utilities.

How to uninstall ASAP Utilities

Automatic uninstall

The easiest and recommended way to uninstall ASAP Utilities is to do this via the Windows Control Panel.

Windows 10 and Windows 11

Windows Start » Control Panel » Programs » Uninstall a Program
Then select ASAP Utilities in the list of programs and then tap or click Uninstall

Windows 8

Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Search.
(If you're using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and then click Search.)
Enter uninstall, and then tap or click Settings.
Tap or click Uninstall a program. Then select ASAP Utilities in the list of programs and then tap or click Uninstall

Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Start > Control Panel > Programs: Uninstall a Program
Then select ASAP Utilities in the list of programs and click Uninstall.

Note for installations with multiple users

If other users on the same computer used ASAP Utilities too, you will have to manually remove ASAP Utilities from their list of Excel add-ins. This is something that can only be automated for the user that runs the uninstall due to the design/restrictions of MS Windows. In such a case the user has to follow step 4 till 7 of the manual uninstall.

Automatic uninstall #2

As an alternative you can also use the following method to uninstall ASAP Utilities.
  1. In the Excel menu go to "Tools", "Add-ins" and then uncheck the check box next to ASAP Utilities. This will remove ASAP Utilities from the menu.
  2. If you have chosen the automatic install you can go to the software option in your control panel to uninstall ASAP Utilities. You can also run "unins000.exe" from the ASAP Utilities installation folder. The uninstaller removes all ASAP Utilities installation files and removes all ASAP Utilities entries from the registry. If you have specified an alternative location to store your favorites menu settings you have to manually remove the file asap_custom_menu.ini from that location.

Manual uninstall

Another way is to manually remove ASAP Utilities 8 but we recommend the automatic uninstall.
  1. Close Excel, if it is opened.
  2. Delete the folder where the ASAP Utilities program was installed. Usually this is [C:\Program Files (x86)\ASAP Utilities].
  3. Start Excel, you will now receive an error, indicating that ASAP Utilities could not be found and click OK.

  4. In the Excel menu choose
    File > Options > Add-ins
  5. In the Manage drop-down at the bottom select Excel Add-ins and press the Go... button
  6. Then uncheck the check box next to Asap Utilities.
    Excel will now ask you if you want to remove ASAP Utilities from the list. Answer with yes:

  7. Now close the form, and ASAP Utilities is successfully uninstalled.
    ASAP Utilities is removed from your computer and Excel.

Temporarily deactivating ASAP Utilities

If you temporarily want ASAP Utilities not to start up at the same time as Excel, you can disable that and load ASAP Utilities manually if necessary.

You can either uncheck ASAP Utilities manually from the add-ins list in Excel, or you can simply run the program "Remove_ASAP_Utilities_from_the_Excel_menu.exe" which is located in the ASAP Utilities program files folder.
This tiny program will automatically remove ASAP Utilities from the Excel menu/deactivate it as add-in in Excel, for the Windows user accounts that runs this program and does not require admin-rights to run.

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