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Trusted daily by over 23,000 organizations

Our list of clients exceeds 23,500 organizations in more than 140 countries.

Quickly Save Hours

Simple and practical examples of how ASAP Utilities saves you hours of time in Excel.

Pays for itself

On average ASAP Utilities saves our users 32 hours each year (measured among 142,522 users in March 2022).

Supported Excel versions

ASAP Utilities 7 works with the Windows editions of:
  • Excel 2000
  • Excel 2002/XP
  • Excel 2003
  • Excel 2007
  • Excel 2010
  • Excel 2013
  • Excel 2016
  • Excel 2019
  • Excel 2021
  • Excel 365 Desktop

When to buy a license

When to buy a license and some additional information

Example of the purchase process

Quick example of how the ordering system works and see what the invoice and license looks like.

Upgrades and refunds policy


We offer free upgrades for 3 years or until the 7.9 version of ASAP Utilities, whichever is longer. For example, buying version 7.0 will get you free upgrades, at the very least, until version 7.9 is released, whether that is several years away or not. If version 8 is released within 3 years of your purchase you get all upgrades including version 8 free.

Version 7

All existing 5.x customers get 7.x free of charge. You can use the same license details.
If you purchased a license in 2012 or earlier, then please contact us for a discount if you want to upgrade to version 7.

Version 4 and 5

All existing 4.x customers get 5.x free of charge. You can use the same license details.

Version history

You can view our version history to get an idea on how many times a new version is released and when major version numbers are changed.


Before purchasing ASAP Utilities, you are strongly encouraged to 'test drive' it using the fully functional 90-day trial version which you can download from our website.

In the event you encounter a problem with ASAP Utilities then please contact us for assistance. Your quickest solution is to first consult the FAQ (frequently answered questions) or search our website before contacting us as we may have answered your question already.

When requesting a refund, please provide the following information when you contact us:
  • Your full name
  • Order ID number
  • Date of purchase
  • Brief reason for the dissatisfaction
All refunds for credit will be issued to the credit card account that appears on the original order. After your purchase, refunds will only be given at the discretion of the Company Management due to the fact that you can use a fully functional 90-day trial version upfront for testing purposes.

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