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Excel tip: Insert filename in a cell

Date: 6 february 2002

The following formulas will include the filename, filepath, of filepath and name in a cell in your workbook.

If you've installed ASAP Utilities, you already have these formulas. Just type one of the formula names, i.e. "=ASAPFileName()" in a cell.

Copy-paste friendly code:
Public Function ASAPFullFileName() As String
' returns the path and file name
' for example D:\Projects\testfile.xls
      ASAPFullFileName = ActiveWorkbook.FullName
End Function

Public Function ASAPFileName() As String
' returns the file name without its path
' for example testfile.xls
      ASAPFileName = ActiveWorkbook.Name
End Function

Public Function ASAPFilePath() As String
' returns the path without the file name
' for example D:\Projects
      ASAPFilePath = ActiveWorkbook.Path
End Function

If you have the international version of Excel you can also use the following worksheet function:
Chip Pearson has written some nice examples on his website about how to return a file name.

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