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Excel tip: Create a log file

Date: 6 september 2001

The following code will write data to a log/text file. If the file doesn't exist yet, it will be automaticly created.
New entries will be added every time at the bottom of the log file.

Copy-paste friendly code:
Sub WriteLogFile()
' writes data to a text file
' new entries will be added at the bottom of the file.
' if the file does not exists, it will be created.
      Dim iFileNumber                        As Long
      Dim strData                            As String
      Dim strFileName                        As String

      iFileNumber = FreeFile()
      strData = "Test data"            'the text written in the file
      strFileName = "C:\test.log"      ' the text file
      Open strFileName For Append Shared As #iFileNumber
      Print #iFileNumber, strData
      Close #iFileNumber
End Sub

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