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How to upgrade to the latest version of ASAP Utilities.

Before I share my workbook with others I want to know if ASAP Utilities leave traces (macro/vba) behind in my files.

Date: April 26, 2007 (last updated on May 5, 2021)
reference id: QA0136

Question 1

"My company is thinking of buying some ASAP Utilities licenses and the following question has come up...
The question I have is related to Macros. Do these run in a compiled mode within Excel and leave no trace from a file perspective or do they add Macros (IE: A trace of VBA code) to each workbook that utilizes their functions?"

Question 2

"You mention that if others users don't have the software on their computer that you would have to copy/paste values the data.
For instance, if I were to copy / paste a formula or row down the remainder of the sheet, will this produce an error when shared with others?
Please explain how other non-users might be affected."


ASAP Utilities will not add macros/VBA to you Excel files. However there are two cases in which you need to have ASAP Utilities installed to use certain functionality:

  1. If you use worksheet formulas from the ASAP Utilities function library in your workbook, you will see #NAME? is you open the file on a computer without ASAP Utilities.  This is because the functions can only produce a result if ASAP Utilities is available in Excel. This limitation only applies to the worksheet functions from ASAP Utilities. You can recognize these functions because they all start with =ASAP...().
    More information and how to deal with this is on the following page:

  2. If you create an index page of a workbook with charts.
    In Excel you cannot create a hyperlink to a chart-sheet. ASAP Utilities has made a workaround for this by using a macro for this. When you click on the link to the chart-sheet, your workbook will look for a macro that is in ASAP Utilities and this macro will take you to the appropriate chart-sheet. However as a side effect this means that if your workbook contains chart-sheets and you give it to somebody that doesn't have ASAP Utilities, they will get an error-message stating that the macro cannot be found when selecting the link to the chart on the index-sheet.
    More information:


All the other utilities do not affect your workbook in a way that ASAP Utilities is needed on the computer where the workbook is used.

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