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Bug fixes in version 4.1.1 - May 7, 2007

Published: May 7, 2007 (latest revision Januari 21, 2009)
reference id: QA0143

  • Numbers » Round numbers (not formatting, but changing)...
    If you entered a zero the operation was incorrectly cancelled.
    This is now fixed so you can round numbers to zero decimals again.
  • Columns / Rows » Put together rows or columns from several sheets...
    Didn't work and produced an error if one of the selected sheets was protected.
  • Import » Merge files together in a new file...
    Accidentally cancelled the operation when you clicked on the 'Pick files and merge' button (After selecting the files you received the error "You cancelled the operation"). Furthermore the import didn't work as expected in Excel 2000. These two bugs were introduced in version 4.1.0 and are now fixed.
  • Select » Conditional select cells...
    Select all numbers between two values, for example all between 1 and 50, didn't work. This is now fixed.
    Select non-empty cells didn't select cells with formulas. This is now corrected
    Select cells with a certain font-size didn't work. This is now fixed.
  • Numbers » Use a significant number of decimals...
  • Range » Paste special with combinations
    Fixed a few bugs that were related to the arithmetic operations
  • Text » Convert dates...
    Better handling/support of dates with month names (mmm and mmmm)
  • General
    A few small bug fixes.

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