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Changes in version 4.2.2 - January 22, 2008

Published: November 28, 2007 (latest revision Januari 21, 2009)
reference id: QA0167


On January 22, 2008 the new version 4.2.2 is released. Download

Update information

At this moment there are a few known bugs in version 4.2.1

These have been fixed in version 4.2.2 which I'm currently developing and of which you can download a pre-release:
ASAPUtilities_setup_4-2-2-RC6_NoManual.exe 1.9 MB (January 18, 2008)


  • Export » Export worksheets as separate files...
    Improved, you can now specify in which file-format you want to save the sheets.
    If you have Excel 2000, 2002/XP or 2003 you can export the sheets in these formats:
      - Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls)
      - CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)
      - Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt)
      - Text (Tab delimited unicode) (*.txt)
      - Text (Space delimited) (*.prn)
      - Text (Pipe delimited) (*.txt)
      - Text (Delimited by #) (*.txt)
      - DBF 4 (dBASE IV) (*.dbf)
      - DBF 3 (dBASE IV) (*.dbf)
    In Excel 2007 you can save the worksheets in the following file formats:
      - Excel 2007 Workbook (*.xlsx)
      - Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls)
      - CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)
      - Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt)
      - Text (Tab delimited unicode) (*.txt)
      - Text (Space delimited) (*.prn)
      - Text (Pipe delimited) (*.txt)
      - Text (Delimited by #) (*.txt)
  • Import » Insert (delimited) text file...
    Improved, the import of pipe-delimited files has been implemented and you can now have the imported data automatically trimmed (remove leading and trailing spaces).
  • General
    If you install ASAP Utilities you can choose to have it automatically added to the Excel menu for each user that logs in on the computer. This is also handy when you log in with normal user-rights and run the setup as an administrator.
  • Export » Export selected chart or range as image (file)...
    The dialog will now automatically be closed after the export is completed.
  • ASAP Utilities Options » ASAP Utilities options and settings...
    You can now specify to have the menu-items (Categories) numbered too.
    By default this is turned on.
  • Fill » List filenames in folder...
    Added the option to only list files that were created or modified a number of days ago.
    Screenshot: List filenames in folder
  • Fill » Quick numbering of cells...
    You can now specify how to increment the numbers. This used to be 1 (1,2,3 etc) but now you can enter your own value, for example 5 to icrement from 5 to 10, 15 etc.
    Quicknumber - increment value 
  • Numbers » Round numbers (not formatting, but changing)...
    Improved speed
  • Sheets » Add sheets (with the names defined in selected cells)...
    You can now also choose to color the new sheet-tabs based on the cell colors.
    Colored tabs are available since Excel version 2002/XP.
  • Sheets » Sorts all sheets in alphabetical order
    has been improved and renamed to:
    Sheets » Sort all sheets...
    You can specify to sort the sheets alphanumeric (text), numerically (numbers) or by their tab-color. You can also specify to sort the sheets ascending (A-Z) or descending (Z-A).
    To be able to sort by the tab-colors you need at least Excel 2002/XP.
  • Web » Decode all URL-encoded data
    Decode all URL-encoded data in your cells.
    This will replace the '+' with a space and decode any %## encoding in the cells, which can be handy when you use Excel to analyse website statistics and keyword performance.
    For example this utility will decode data like:
    URL Encoding is used when placing text in a query string to avoid it being confused with the URL itself. It is normally used when the browser sends form data to a web server. URL Encoding replaces spaces with '+' signs, and unsafe ASCII characters with '%' followed by their hex equivalent.
  • General
    Several minor improvements.
    The default location of the favorites menu file is no longer in the program files folder but instead in the user's application data folder.

Bugs fixed

  • Count duplicates
    Didn't work correctly if one of the values in the list started with the less then (<) or greater then (>) sign. For example a list with values 8370N, 8384N, >82821N, >83381N incorrectly tagged the last two values as duplicates.
    The utility didn't work correctly with large numbers. Numbers such as 162000205922.002500324327 and 162000205922.002500324329 were incorrectly marked as duplicate.
    The speed of the utility has been significantly improved.
  • Formula » Change reference style (e.g. A1 to $A,1 etc.)...
    The option "Convert formulas to absolute rows and relative columns (A$1)" incorrectly changed the cell references to relative rows and absolute columns ($A1)
  • Export » Export selection or active sheet as new file...
    When you had a chart on a chartsheet and you had selected something within that chart, for example the chartarea, the export didn't work and produced an error. This is now fixed.
    A workaround was to not select the chartarea (click on the grey at the left/right to deselect it) and then do the export.
  • Numbers » Convert "textnumbers" to numbers
    Fixed a bug that caused some number not being correctly converted to real numbers you could use for calculations. This bug was introduced in version 4.2.0 when we updated it to handle fractions better.
  • Export » Export selection or active sheet as new file...
    Fixed the bug where the presented default file name displayed the name of the workbook reversed, such as 1kooB#Sheet1!B5_G26 instead of Book1#Sheet1!B5_G26.
  • Export » Export selected chart or range as image (file)...
    When you exported a chart in EMF format the chart dimensions in the exported file could be changed into the initial height and width of the chart.
    This bug is now fixed and appeared in Excel 2000, XP/2002 and 2003 and only if you choose the EMF export format.
    This bug did not appear in Excel 2007.
    Example export with wrong dimensions:
    Example export how it should be and is in this version:
  • Web » Activate hyperlinks (create from cell values)
    When you used the option not to change the font to the default hyperlink font(blue underlined), the cells were still underlined. In this version the underlinement will not change if you choose to keep the original cell formatting.
  • Export » Export selection or active sheet as new file...
    Improved the export in space-delimited format.
    Fixed the error in Excel 2007 when you choose to export the entire sheet.
  • Format » Copy a sheet's page and print settings...
    When you only choose the option "Fit to pages", the fit to x pages wide by y pages tall options were copied but "Fit to" button was not selected. This is because that option is saved in Excel with the zoom-setting. The utility has now been changed so that the zoom option is automatically selected too when you check the "Fit to pages" option.
  • Fill » List filenames in folder...
    Has been improved. It produced an error on shared workbooks if you selected the "Create hyperlinks to the files" option together with the option to create a new worksheet.
  • Web » Activate hyperlinks (create from cell values)
    Didn't work in shared workbooks. This is now fixed.
    This utility now uses the Excel =HYPERLINK() formula which is faster and much more flexible when it comes to large amounts of data then the previous technique which uses the right-click cell option to insert hyperlinks. We found out that Excel has an undocumented limit on the number of hyperlinks that are created that way.
  • Range » Copy formulas without changing their references
    Fixed the error when you copied the formulas to another worksheet.
  • General
    Created a workaround to make ASAP Utilities work better when Excel 2007 is started by downloading a template via the Microsoft Office website.
  • General
    Fixed a few small bugs.

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