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How to upgrade to the latest version of ASAP Utilities.

How to solve the startup error: "Sorry, ASAP Utilities cannot be started, the file '' doesn't seem to exist"

Date: Januari 30, 2014 (last updated on September 15, 2014)
reference id: QA0270


After the installation of version 5.1, I get the following error and I can't use ASAP Utilities.

Sorry, ASAP Utilities cannot be started.
The file '' doesn't seem to exist.
Please reinstall ASAP Utilities (or make sure the xlam file exists in the subfolder \resources\).

Sorry, ASAP Utilities cannot be started. The file '' doesn't seem to exist.


Our apologies for the inconvenience.

We've found the cause of this and have a temporary fix available.
Please open the following Excel file, if Excel asks activate the macro, and then click on the "Apply fix" button:

That will immediately fix it so that you can use ASAP Utilities again.

This error is related to a version of Excel 2007 or later that is not English, Spanish, French, German or Dutch and the program not defaulting to English.

Fixed in version  5.2.1

This bug is fixed in version 5.2.1.
Please download or upgrade to this new version.

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