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Bug fixes in version 3.09

Date: April 21, 2005 (last updated on December 11, 2007)
reference id: QA0046

  • Spell check on the menu and tools description
    Some annoying spell-errors were corrected. It will most likely still have errors but forgive us, we\'re Dutch, English is not our native language.
  • Numbers :: Convert formulas to their values
    Took a very very long lime when you selected then entire worksheet (A1:IV65536).
  • System :: Find and remove external links
    Returned an error when you selection on a worksheet was not a range but e.g. a chart.
  • Sheets :: Protect all sheets
    Returned an error when your workbook contained other sheets than just worksheets. Now you can also protect other sheet-types (like charts) Returned an error when you had a group of sheets selected.
  • Range :: Find / Replace in all sheets
    Returned an error on hidden sheets. These sheets are now excluded from you search. A label shows you if there are hidden sheets.
  • Fill :: Quick numbering of cells
    If your selection started on row nr 1 and you choose \"restart numbering if the value in the column changes\" the follwing error ocurred: \"Application-defined or object-defined error.

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