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Bug fixes in version 3.07

Date: April 20, 2004 (last updated on December 11, 2007)
reference id: QA0048

  • Favorites menu, fixed the bug when you tried to change the location of the personal menu file.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the search and replace box to be filled after the startup of ASAP Utilities.
  • Text - convert dates. Fixed the error when your selection contained empty cells.
  • Apply formula : turned off the screenupdating.
  • Handle lowercase/uppercase. Doesn't generate an error anymore if your selection contains empty cells.
  • Range - Copy formulas without changing their references, fixed the problems causing it not to work properly in Excel 2002/XP.
  • System - Remove all macro's from current file. Fixed the XL2002: Error Message: Run-Time Error '1004'.
  • During the startup ASAP Utilities will now check if all additional required files are available (the .asap files)

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