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Get the Latest: Version 8.3 of Our Excel Add-in Now Available!

Date: November 16, 2023

Exciting news – version 8.3 of ASAP Utilities is here!

For 24 years, our focus has been on improving your Excel experience, making it more efficient and easier to use.  With every update, including this one, we've incorporated your feedback to make ASAP Utilities even better.

Here's what you can expect in the new release:

  • Improved ribbon icons: They now appear clearer on high-resolution screens, especially when your Windows Display Scale is set above 200%.
  • Updated forms design: We've switched to a modern font, matching Excel's, to provide a smoother visual experience, a step up from the typical xlam add-in font.
  • Resolved issues and tweaks: We've fixed some known issues and made small but meaningful enhancements for a better overall experience.
  • Enhanded "View and manage hidden rows and columns...": The new layout shows more information at a glance, and a new horizontal scrollbar makes navigating wide row or column headers easier.

As always, we're all about helping you work smarter, not harder. We encourage you to update and enjoy these new improvements. Thank you for trusting us for over two decades, and here's to many more years of streamlined productivity!

Best wishes,
The ASAP Utilities Team

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