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ASAP Utilities released its new version (3.10b) today!

Date: Januari 24, 2006

We make you the company's excel guru!

ASAP Utilities is a free and easy to use Add-In for MS Excel 97, 2000, 2002, XP and 2003. The utility contains over 300 functions to make your work easier and faster done.

Version 3.10b is compatible with Excel 97 and all future Excel versions. It does not require any special (administrator) rights. If you have Excel 2000 or later and you do have administrator rights we recommend you to try the new version 3.11 also available from our website. That new version is faster and has some nice additions, but it also has a few more demands from your system and is at this moment still a beta-version.

My thanks goes out to each and every one of you for your suggestions and bug-reports the past year. ASAP Utilities continues to grow and improve thanks to your support, your suggestions and your encouragement.

ASAP Utilities is (as always) free and contains no spyware!

Kind regards,

Bastien Mensink
ASAP Utilities


Download the new version:
ASAP Utilities 3.10c setup.exe (1.7MB)

We can also send you the new version by email. The file is 1.7 MB. Send your request to: newversion@asap-utilities.com.
If you have problems downloading, try an alernative download location.

On the download page you can also download the new version as a zipped-package.

Please send your suggestions, bugs and comments to : bastien@asap-utilities.com

User Guide

A brand new User Guide will show you how to get the best of ASAP Utilities. A concept version (115 pages) can be downloaded as PDF document. The document is optimized for duplex printing.
ASAP Utilities User Guide.pdf (2.9 MB pdf)
If you have comments, suggestions or find typing errors in the User Guide, please send me an email.

The major changes in this new version 3.10b

  • Range » Apply formula (improved)
    1. The last 100 used formulas are remembered so you can easily re-use them.
    2. Users of the non-English Excel versions can now type in the formula in their local language. For example in the Dutch version you used to have to use a point as decimal separator. You can now use the comma. You can also use the local version of worksheet formulas, for example if you have the Dutch version of Excel you can now enter '+SOM(G20:G40)' in stead of the English version: +SUM(G20:G40).
    3. We have improved the error handling. You get a warning if an applied formula produces an error.
    4. In the range of cells you select the formula will only be applied to cells that have no errors, are not empty and have a value of formula with a numeric or logical result (text cells will be skipped). Array formulas will also be skipped.
  • Web » Clean web imported data...
    1. A new option is added: fix (text) numbers. Sometimes Excel doesn't recognize numbers properly and they are treated as text which often means they are left aligned and can't be used in calculations. This new option solves that. This new option does the same as ASAP Utilities » Numbers » Convert 'textnumbers' to numbers
    2. Another new option is added: unmerge cells. This unmerges all merged cells in your selection.
  • Format » Advanced Transposer (improved)
    1. formulas will be better preserved and cell-references in the formulas will be automaticly updates as the cells are transposed.
    2. formatting of the cells will also be transposed.
    3. the number of columns you enter is saved and used when you run the utility again.
    4. the example is updated and improved.
    5. the question remove completely empty rows is removed, the procedure is improved so that the data is transposed without creating empty rows.
    6. we have built in a check to see if the amount of columns you enter will actually fit on the worksheet.
  • New worksheet function: =ASAPGetHyperlink(range, optional sNA)
    This function returns the hyperlink from a cell. The hyperlink can be one of the following:
    . existing file or web page
    . place in your document
    . e-mail address
    You can optionally specify a string value for the sNA, this text will be displayed for cells without hyperlinks. If omitted the formula will give an empty result for cells without hyperlinks. Example: =ASAPGETHYPERLINK(A2,"-")
  • I have changed the hotkey (accelerator) for the ASAP Utilities in the menu.
    By default this is the letter A (so you can access the ASAP Utilities menu with Alt+A.) However in some countries this conflicts with other menu items (such as Archivo, Data). Therefore, in the following countries the hotkey is the letter S (ASAP Utilities):
    . The Netherlands (new)
    . Sweden (new)
    . Spain
    . Brazil
    . Portugal
  • Web » Clean Web Imported data...
    The layout is improved.
  • Sheets » Protect all sheets
    The password is now by default masked.
    It also has the option to protect only selected or all sheets.
  • Sheets » Unprotect all sheets
    The password is now by default masked.
    It also has the option to unprotect only selected or all sheets.
  • Several small additions and improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Text » Convert to upper etc. keeps formulas, but converts them to uppercase (if you have text displayed). Is doesn't convert formula's to values anymore
  • Text » Start first word with uppercase.
    Now also converts the rest of the text to lowercase so for example BASTIEN becomes Bastien
  • Select » Select cells with maximum value.
    In some cases the cells with the maximum value were found but were not selected. This had something to do with the number of decimals the max value contained and the way they were displayed in Excel. E.g. a value of 21,723801267259 was displayed as 21,72380127 which didn't match when we used Excel's built in search function. We've changed the way of selecting the cell with the max value so it works in these occasions as well. It now also checks at the start if you selection contains numbers.
  • Objects/Comments » Delete all objects from current sheet
    Remove objects handles form/VBA buttons better.
  • Web » Clean web imported data...
    Remove objects handles form/VBA buttons better.
  • Fill » Overwrite filled cells in selection.
    Did not work when you entered a zero (0). This is now corrected.
  • Improved range rebuild when you select entire rows or columns where the first rows/columns are empty.
  • Select » Conditional column and row select, hide, delete...
    Remove duplicates in column fixed
    Hide duplicates in column fixed
  • Fill » Fill 'between values' linear in selection (horizontal)
    Didn't work, fixed it and is now working
  • - Fill » Fill 'between values' linear in selection (vertical).
    was swiched in the menu with the horizontal version.
  • Range » Paste Special (with combinations)...
    Operations (like multiply) now function too
  • Several minor bug fixes.
  • Corrected some typing errors.

Installation notice

This version does not require any administrative rights on installation. Installation is easy. Best way is to make a backup of the current files in the ASAP Utilities folder and then run the installation.
If you have a previous version of ASAP Utilities installed, select that folder (the setup-program should detect it though), usually this is “C:Program FilesASAP Utilitiesâ€. If you are not sure about that location you can see it in ASAP Utilities. Start Excel and then:
ASAP Utilities » ASAP » Options
The User Guide which is now available for download shows more detailed installation instructions.

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