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News on ASAP Utilities 3.03

New features:
Text - Date Converter This will convert a text-string-date to another formatted date. I.e. 010101 becomes 1 january 2001, or 2001-12-02 becomes 12 feb 2001.
When it comes to importing data from i.e. financial systems, this feature is extremely usefull. Whether the original date is like "mmddyy" or "ddmmyy" this utility will recognize and convert it!
The conversion is very flexible.
Undo We've built an undo option in a few functions. In time more most function will get an undo.
Sheets Add sheet (inputbox will appear for the name) If you enter a name that exceeds 31 characters ASAP will automaticly reduce it to 31 characters.
Bug fixes:
Import Merge files together in a new file. The ability to import each file on a new sheet is now available.
HTML export removed double ">>" when exporting without a font attribute.
Range Hide errors updated, will now work with in all languages.
Text Make last character super- or subscript will no longer give you an error message if there is a numeric cell in the target selection.
Quicknumber Fixed the error when the leading zero's was less then the number-length. (i.e. 2 leading zero's on 100).

ASAP Utilities 3.02 is released!

I would like to thank all the people that have been sending me their comments and suggestions. Unfortunately due to the large amount of email I'm no longer capable of answering everybody. However we collect all your suggestions and implement most of them in (future versions of) ASAP Utilities.
Thank you all for the great ideas (and patience too) !

New or improved functions:
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Lockergnone: 'You'll wonder how you lived in Excel without it, I swear!'

Click to visit Lockergnome.comIn october 2001 Lockergnome, a big free technology e-mail newsletter, wrote a review about ASAP Utilities in their newsletter and on their website:

'Many of you liked the ASAP Utilities for Excel featured some time back in the Tech Specialist, so when the author mentioned his new version was available, I figured you'd want to know. The gaggle of tools included most definitely make Excel easier to use all the way around. It simplifies some rather complex tasks into short operations, saving you plenty of time better suited to hanging out eating bagels with your co-workers. You'll wonder how you lived in Excel without it, I swear!'


PC Plus: "It's worth having these utilities even if you only use a few of them"

Users of Excel 97 and 2000 may like to download ASAP Utilities from www.asap-utilities.com. This free add-in gives you 200 extra tools for Excel, or 300 in the beta of the new version. It's worth having even if you only use a few of them.

Chip Pearson: 'This is truly one of the best and most useful add-ins I've ever used.'

Click to visit cpearson.comIn may 2001 Chip Pearson, one of the worlds leading Excel gurus, wrote a review about ASAP Utilities. ASAP Utilities is mentioned on his website as a "must have" add-in for Excel power users.

"Created by Bastien Mensink in the Netherlands, this is a fantastic collection of over 200 utilities, all very well organized into a menu structure added to the Excel menu bar. This is truly one of the best and most useful add-ins I've ever used."
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