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ComputerBild Germany: Doping for Excel ... This will save you much time

Date review: May 18, 2013

We're proud to mention that ASAP Utilities is featured in the May 2013 edition of the German magazine ComputerBild (Europe's largest PC and mobile phone-magazine).
ComputerBild - ASAP Utilities - Doping for Excel

English Translation: "Doping for Excel - The Excel add-in ASAP Utilities offers more than 300 new functions for working with tables. This will save you much time.

German/Deutsch: "Doping für Excel - Die Excel-Erweiterung ASAP Utilities bietet über 300 neue functionen zum schnelleren Arbeiten mit Tabellen. Damit sparen Sie viel Zeit."

ComputerBild 12/2013 15.5.2013 - Article about ASAP Utilities

Thank you Alfred Poschmann!

Link: www.computerbild.de

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