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PC World: "This Add-In is a real treasure"

Date review: September 7, 2018

We're proud to mention that ASAP Utilities is mentioned in PC World's article from September 2018 about their favorite Excel Add-Ins:

PC World: Excel Add-Ins: How to find and use them

We've picked some favorites for you to try, and some are free.

ASAP Utilities

This Add-In is a real treasure. It has so many features, it could almost be a standalone program. It auto numbers better, faster, and has more options than Excel’s built-in Fill tool. You can color code some of the formulas so it SUMS and COUNTS based on the cell color, it repairs trailing minus signs with ease, transpose a single column into a table in seconds, select or filter by strikethrough formatted cells, and dozens more utility features to make tasks faster and easier. A single user license is $49.00, but its many features are worth the cost.


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