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Kim Komando 'You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.'

Date review: August 8, 2005

kim-komando-coolsite_05.gifASAP Utilities is being featured in The Kim Komando Show Cool Site of the Day on August 8, 2005.

Kim Komando hosts the largest talk radio show about computers and the Internet. The program is heard on over 450 stations throughout the United States. Kim Komando's newsletter has hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Tweak Excel

2005-08-08 | I've used Excel, Microsoft's spreadsheet program, for many years. But sometimes it's not the easiest program to get your arms around. I bet that many business people are probably in the same boat.

Excel truly makes work easier with tools that are second to none. But sometimes I feel like it could be better. Or maybe I need more lessons. And judging from the e-mail I get, many people have the same problem.

Enter ASAP Utilities. It has over 300 tools to help you automate your work in Excel. If you use Excel on a regular basis, you'll find these free tools invaluable.

ASAP Utilities helps you work with workbooks, worksheets and, of course, your data. It's guaranteed to solve at least one of your Excel pet peeves. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

And if you know someone who uses Excel, forward this e-mail. It might help them, too.


You can learn more at her web site: www.komando.com
And: http://money.cnn.com/technology/komando/bio/

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