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Lockergnome: ASAP Utilities will revolutionize the way you and your users interact with data

Date review: April 11, 2001

Click to visit Lockergnome.comIn april 2001 Lockergnome, a big free technology e-mail newsletter, wrote a review about ASAP Utilities in their newsletter and on their website:

'I recently featured a great Microsoft Excel site that provided all sorts of useful tips and tricks for mastering the spreadsheet, but it was quickly brought to its knees and remains unavailable, so I thought I owed you another great Excel feature. ASAP Utilities is a set of over 200 Excel 97/2000 add-ins that will revolutionize the way you and your users interact with data. Everything from formatting text and cells to handling sheets and selections is included and the installation is as simple as pointing the way to the add-in file (.XLA) included in the package.'


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