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Can you send me a copy of my license details?

Published: May 4, 2007 (latest revision April 17, 2023)
reference id: QA0140


I have lost my license details, can you help me locate or retrieve it?


You received two emails after the order was completed. The email from "ASAP Utilities (A Must in Every Office BV) " contains the full license information.

If you can't find your license details anymore, then we can look it up in our system and send you a copy.
Please send us an email (support@asap-utilities.com) with as much information as possible to locate your license.
(order number, name, organization, email address used at the time of purchase, etc.).

If you're upgrading to a new computer, then you can find your order details on your current computer via:
Excel > ASAP Utilities > Registered version
And then copy the information from there.Find your license information in ASAP Utilities

Download and use

To immediately start using ASAP Utilities, you can download the latest version from our website.
Upon installation it will initially be a fully functional 90-day trail.
The as soon as you receive your license information you can turn the trial into the full unlimited version by entering your license details.

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