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Do you have a local reseller? Or how to purchase as a reseller.

Published: June 20, 2008 (latest revision Februari 7, 2020)
reference id: QA0186


Do you have a local reseller? Or if I am a reseller, how can I purchase ASAP Utilities for a customer?


Yes, we basically allow any reseller to purchase ASAP Utilities for its clients, see below.
There isn't a special certification or sign-up required for this. As a client you can use your preferred (local) reseller.

How to make a purchase as a reseller

You can easily order ASAP Utilities for a client: On the order form you can specify the billing- and end-user details separately.

The price for a single user license of ASAP Utilities is USD 49.00 or less with volume discounts.
Besides the volume discount we do not offer additional reseller discounts.
Volume discounts start at a quantity of 2 users.
More information about pricing, buying and volume discounts is available here.

You can view an example of the purchase process here.

We offer free upgrades for at least 3 years or until the 7.9 version of ASAP Utilities, whichever is longer.  If version 8 is released within 3 years of your purchase you get all upgrades including version 8 free. In addition, the license will also be valid for the earlier 5.x and 4.x versions of ASAP Utilities.
The price is a one time fee, not a yearly subscription.

ASAP Utilities is offered electronically as a digital download and the license is sent by email.
All orders/payments are handled by our reseller/partner MyCommerce (part of Digital River) so that we can offer our clients several payment methods worldwide and, with clients in over 140 countries, it reduces the worldwide TAX/VAT administration and thus we can spend more time on the development and support of ASAP Utilities.

You can view the license agreement on our website.

The registration code is sent to you by email immediately after the order is completed and the payment is received. This is usually within 30 minutes when you pay with a credit card.
More information about payment methods.

Have the license entitled to the client and deliver yourself

In order to make a purchase on behalf of a customer, uncheck the option: "The Recipient or Licensee is the same as the Purchaser" and enter the details of the end-user as the recipient information.
The first name, last name and organization entered there will be part of the license.
The license is sent to the email address entered in the "Recipient information" section, with a CC to the email address entered in the "Billing information" section.
The invoice/receipt is (only) sent to the email address entered in the "Billing information" section.

How to purchase for someone else

Here you can view an example of the purchase process in detail.

Have the license entitled to the client and deliver yourself

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