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Fill » Fill up with leading zeros...

This utility fills the numbers in the selected cells up with leading zeros to a given length.
The utility will actually add the zeros and therefore change the data. If you only need the number to be displayed as if they have leading zeros then it is better to use cell formatting with a number format such as for example '000000'.
Numbers with decimals will be rounded to the nearest integer.

For example if you specify a length of 3 then a cell with the value 1 becomes 001, 34 becomes 034 and numbers greater than 100 will not be changed because they already have a length of 3 characters or more
If a formula in your selection has a number as a result then the calculated value will be filled it up with the zeros and the original formula is replaced.


Fill » Fill up with leading zeros...

Starting this utility

In the Excel menu choose: ASAP Utilities » Fill » Fill up with leading zeros...

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Download "The one essential add-in for all Excel users."
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