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Import  ›  10. Merge and/or import multiple files...

This utility will merge multiple files from a folder together into one new file. You can also use it to import multiple files at once into your workbook.

Excel has no built-in method for merging files. It can therefore be time consuming and frustrating if you for example need to import or merge 200 Excel or CSV files. Fortunately you can use ASAP Utilities to do this quick and easy.

You can configure the following settings:
  • Start the import from a certain row, with the option to make an exception for the first file. This can be useful if you have files with fieldnames and only want these listed once.
  • Import the files into your current workbook or a new workbook.
  • Create a new worksheet for each file, or merge the data into one new sheet. With this second option the data from the files will be placed below each other.

    You can import/merge the following file formats:
  • CSV, comma delimited
  • Text, space delimited
  • Text, tab delimited
  • Text, pipe (|) delimited
  • Text file, semicolon (;) delimited
  • Text file, delimited by specified character
  • dBASE
  • Excel*
  • Lotus 123*
  • Quattro Pro*
    * Only data from the active sheet is imported

    Your last used settings and chosen folder will be remembered.


    Example screenshot: Import multiple files
    Import multiple files

    Starting this tool

    Import  ›  10 Merge and/or import multiple files...
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    Concatenate, Combine, Directory, merge workbooks, combine workbooks, Merge files together in a new file, merge sheets, combines, consolidation

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