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Insert (delimited) text file...

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Import  ›  2. Insert (delimited) text file...

With this utility you can import a (delimited) text file into your worksheet at the position of your active cell.

You can configure the following settings:
  • How are the fields in the text file separated:
          ·  space
          ·  tab
          ·  comma (csv)
          ·  semicolon (;)
          ·  pipe (|)
          ·  exclamation mark (!)
          ·  other: you can specify a custom delimiter
          ·  not separated
          ·  Text qualifier: none, ' or "
          ·  Start import at row
          ·  File origin
  • Date settings
          ·  The utility uses the date settings as set in the Regional Settings in the Windows control panel.
  • Field settings
          ·  Let Excel detect the field types (default)
          ·  Treat all fields as text values (this can for example help when you have problems with leading zeros that are lost).
  • Settings used to recognize numeric data
          ·  Decimal separator
          ·  Thousands separator
          ·  Trailing minus for negative numbers
  • Options
          ·  AutoFit column widths
          ·  Remove leading and trailing spaces

    Your last used settings will be remembered.


    Example screenshot: Import a delimited text file
    Import a delimited text file

    Starting this tool

    Import  ›  2 Insert (delimited) text file...
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    import, textfile

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