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Format » Drawing paper...

This tool allows you to specify the column width and row height of your cells in centimeters, inches or pixels.
This is helpful if you use the Excel for drawing purposes, such as creating a flowchart or when you design your garden or need to create a floor plan.
It can also be handy for quickly creating square cells.

Due to limitations of how precise you can set the width and height in Excel the actual width and height might differ a tenth of a centimeter/inch.
The dimensions in pixels depend on your Windows display DPI settings.


Example screenshot: 1
1, Format » Drawing paper...
Example screenshot: 2
2, Format » Drawing paper...

Starting this utility

In the Excel menu choose: ASAP Utilities » Format » Drawing paper...

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Unwrap text
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Place a border around each page

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Download "The one essential add-in for all Excel users."
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