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Sheets » Split the selected range into multiple worksheets...

With this tool you can quickly split your selected data into multiple sheets.
You can do this either by value/group in a column or you can specify the number of rows to create per sheet.

Create a new sheet for each company in your table.

Your initial data remains unaltered.
If you want to save the new created worksheets as separate files, then you can do this with the utility "Export Export worksheets as separate files...".
We have also received the request for this tool from people that used workbooks with over 500 000 rows (Excel 2007+) and then needed to create a file that could be opened in Excel 2003. In order to do that they had to split the information into pieces of a max of 65536 rows per worksheet because that is the maximum amount of rows that a sheet in Excel 2003 can contain. With this tool you can quickly have ASAP Utilities do that for you.


Sheets » Split the selected range into multiple worksheets...

Starting this utility

In the Excel menu choose: ASAP Utilities » Sheets » Split the selected range into multiple worksheets...

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Export worksheets as separate files...
Excel 2010 with ASAP Utilities in the menu
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