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Change Case (with options)...

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Text  ›  7. Change Case (with options)...

This tool changes the text in the selected cells to uppercase, lowercase or other common capitalizations.

You can change the text in selected cells to:
  • lowercase
  • Sentence case (first letter of each sentence in uppercase)
  • Glossary case (first letter of each sentence in lowercase)
  • Capitalize Each Word (Optionally make the first letter of each word uppercase, and the rest of the word lower case. And if required you can specify the characters (in addition to a space) that indicate that a new word starts.)

  • Choose to preserve all capitalized text (useful in converting glossaries with abbreviations).
  • Set words to preserve/exclude.


    Text  ›  7 Change Case (with options)...

    Starting this tool

    Text  ›  7 Change Case (with options)...

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