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Protect multiple sheets at once...

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Sheets  ›  15. Protect multiple sheets at once...

This utility allows you to protect the selected or all sheets in your workbook with the same password at once.

The built in method of Excel allows you to only protect one sheet at a time. If you want to protect multiple sheets in Excel you have to protect them one by one. This can take a long time if you have many sheets and might result in accidentally forgetting one.
With this tool protecting your sheets is much easier and furthermore a lot faster.

Depending on your Excel version you can set additional settings, just like in the normal Excel protection dialog.


Example screenshot: Protect multiple sheets at once
Protect multiple sheets at once
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Sheets  ›  15 Protect multiple sheets at once...
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apply password, at one go, simultaneously
Hide selected sheets extra (xlVeryHidden)

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