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Columns & Rows » Color each n'th row or column in selection...

Fill every n'th row or column in your selected range with a specified color. This method is also known as 'color-banding' and 'alternate shading'.
This will improve the readability of tables with a lot of data.
You can specify a color, rows or columns and the steps, for example to make every second row in your selection grey.

There are two methods to color the rows or columns:
  • Standard coloring. This has the option to skip hidden rows/columns.
  • Conditional formatting (advanced). With this option the colors will be automatically updated when you insert or remove rows or columns. To remove the color, choose in the Excel menu 'Format' > 'Conditional Formatting' then remove the condition that sets the alternate colors (by default condition 1). If you use this option then the possibly existing conditional formatting will be removed.

    By default you can start this utility with the shortcut Control+Alt+C.


    Example screenshot: Example alternate row coloring
    Example alternate row coloring

    Starting this utility

    In the Excel menu choose: ASAP Utilities » Columns & Rows » Color each n'th row or column in selection...

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    Colour, colours, colorbanding

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