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Text » Advanced character remove or replace...

This utility removes or replaces certain characters in your worksheet or selected cells.
You can pick one or more characters from a list, including numbers, letters, special characters, symbols, tabs, new line characters (enters) and invisible spaces and characters.

A few practical examples of this utility:
  • remove all line breaks such as carriage returns and linefeeds (Alt+Enter) from your data
  • remove invisible characters
  • extract numbers from text
  • remove everything except for certain characters

    Several buttons allow you to quickly select or deselect certain characters.

    Your last used settings will be remembered.

    You can use the following codes to use these special characters as replacement: {lf} = line feed (Alt+Enter/ascii code 10), {cr} = carriage return (ASCII code 13), {tab} = tab character.
    If you have selected only one single cell then the utility will edit all the cells on your worksheet.


    Example screenshot: Remove or replace certain characters in selected cells in Excel
    Remove or replace certain characters in selected cells in Excel
    Example screenshot: Remove or replace certain characters
    Remove or replace certain characters
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    Practical tricks on how this can help you

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    Starting this utility

    In the Excel menu choose: ASAP Utilities » Text » Advanced character remove or replace...

    « Return to the list of “Text” tools.
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    Find and/or replace in all sheets...
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    Replace accented characters (á, ë, ñ etc.)...
    Additional keywords for this tool:
    Delete, Alphabet, String, remove invisible characters, soft carriage return symbols, CRLF, line feed, find carriage returns, line feeds

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