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Text » Find and/or replace in all sheets...

With this utility you can find and/or replace in all worksheets at once.
This makes it easier to find information across you entire workbook.
The results will be displayed in a list and you can quickly activate a cell from this list. You can replace the results one by one or replace them all at once.

One of the advantages in comparison to Excel's default search and replace capabilities is that this utility makes is easier to deal with the special characters line feed (Alt+Enter), carriage return and tab.
You can use the following codes to search for these special characters or use them as replacement: {lf} = line feed (Alt+Enter/ascii code 10), {cr} = carriage return (ASCII code 13), {tab} = tab character.
Another advantage is it doesn't have Excel's length limit. In Excel you can receive the error "Formula is too long". Excel finds what you are looking for but you cannot replace it. This error has nothing to do with formulas; you can also get it if your cells contain only text. In such a case you can use ASAP Utilities to replace the text, because this utility does not have that limitation.

You can configure the following settings:
  • Find what: the information to search for. You can use the ? and * wildcard characters; use ~? and ~* to find the ? and * characters.
  • Replace with: the value to replace the search value with.
  • Find/replace in:
          ·  All worksheets
          ·  Current worksheet
          ·  Selected range
  • Search: by rows or by columns
  • Look in: formulas or values.
  • Match Case
  • Match entire cell contents

    By default you can start this utility with the shortcut Control+Alt+H.
    Your last used settings will be remembered.


    Example screenshot: 1
    1, Text » Find and/or replace in all sheets...
    Example screenshot: 2
    2, Text » Find and/or replace in all sheets...

    Starting this utility

    In the Excel menu choose: ASAP Utilities » Text » Find and/or replace in all sheets...

    « Return to the list of “Text” tools.
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    Clean data and formatting...
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    Advanced character remove or replace...
    Additional keywords for this tool:
    line breaks, find carriage returns, line feeds

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