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Web » Activate hyperlinks (create from cell values)...

This utility adds a hyperlink in the selected cells based on content of the cell.
You can use this for example to transform website- or email addresses into clickable hyperlinks.

You can configure the following settings:

Font format:

  • Keep the existing font format in the cells.
  • Use Excel's default format for hyperlinks (blue underlined)

    Hyperlink type:

  • Use the =HYPERLINK() formula. This is recommended if you have a lot of hyperlinks in your file or if you use a shared workbook.
  • Regular hyperlinks (via the cell properties)

    Your last used settings will be remembered.


    Web » Activate hyperlinks (create from cell values)...

    Starting this utility

    In the Excel menu choose: ASAP Utilities » Web » Activate hyperlinks (create from cell values)...

    « Return to the list of “Web” tools.
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    Extract hyperlinks...
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    Change all hyperlinks to =HYPERLINK() formulas
    Additional keywords for this tool:
    reactivate hyperlinks, convert hyperlinks

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