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Merge column data (join cells)...

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Columns & Rows  ›  5. Merge column data (join cells)...

This utility merges the data from the columns in your selection.
For each row in your selection the data from the adjacent columns will be concatenated into the first cell in the row.

You can specify the following:
  • Delimiter to put between the cell values
  • Skip empty cells
  • Use the value, formula or formatted value from the cells.

    You can use this utility as a quick alternative to Excel's =CONCATENATE() function.


    Example screenshot: Merge cell contents of selected columns into one cell
    Merge cell contents of selected columns into one cell
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    Columns & Rows  ›  5 Merge column data (join cells)...
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    merge cell contents, connect strings together, text, separators, combines, consolidation, combine cells of information, combine the contents of multiple cells, concatenate, concatenation, into one cell

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